Unleash the Weapons of Mass Instruction.

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Mobile Learning Labs are buses outfitted  with AC, Wi-Fi access, and staff support. Youth participate in two-hour socially  distanced sessions per day onboard the Learning Labs.

Chromebooks are in the Labs for synchronous & asynchronous lessons.

Tutors are on hand to assist with study.  Leveled libraries for silent, sustained reading are also available. Lessons in reading and math and outdoor activities supplement study time.

Each bus can serve 10 youth per session. Members of the Network have mobilized 10 buses, which run 3 shifts per day, serving 300 youth daily.


The buses adhere to safety and sanitation protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Our summer Get on the Bus campaign had no COVID-related incidents due to strict safety protocols. The effort succeeded by providing kids with a quiet and safe space for studying.

This includes a community health worker stationed on the bus, vinyl wipe-off seats, and buses and equipment sanitized between sessions.

Gloves and masks are given to students, hand sanitizer utilized, temperatures taken before getting on the bus, etc.

Community-based Zoom Learning Labs
(Safe Study Space System-S4)

Demands that the community take a greater role and responsibility in the education of children. This is not temporary.

Using the Mobile Learning Lab model as a pilot, the North Star Network is now expanding to Community-Based Zoom Learning Labs in response to the extension of distance learning for K-12

Distance learning represents the collapse of American education for  African American students.

Sets them up for a life in the misery management machine of charity,  prison, and welfare — a multi-billion dollar industry in Hennepin County.